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Join Aili Kuutan as she explores how you can believe in yourself and be happy with who you are.

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Episode 67: What hesitation has to do with confidence

Episode 66: The upside of rejection

Episode 65: Do you need to worry?

Episode 64: What it really means when you beat yourself up

Episode 63: Say goodbye to negative self-talk

Episode 62: How to stop thinking about your to do list

Episode 61: Clearing mental clutter: Conversations in your head

Episode 60: The word that prevents self-love

Episode 59: “I can’t do that. That’s impossible.”

Episode 58: Do your dreams seem impossible? Here’s why that’s a good thing

Episode 57: What jealousy is trying to teach you

Episode 56: What commitment looks like

Episode 55: How to stop shrinking (because of who you think you are)

Episode 54: What resistance looks like

Episode 53: A meditation for self-love

Episode 52: The gifts of failure

Episode 51: 3 strategies to let go of your fear of failure

Episode 50: Do you trust yourself? Here are three ways to tell

Episode 49: 3 reasons you’re ignoring your intuition

Episode 48: An unconventional reason to eat healthier

Episode 47: Why your old patterns keep coming up (and what to do about it)

Episode 46: 4 strategies to stop emotional eating

Episode 45: Feeling triggered? Try this meditation

Episode 44: The upside of jealousy

Episode 43: The stories we tell ourselves (but not others)

Episode 42: What your fear of judgment is trying to tell you

Episode 41: What your habit of judging others is trying to tell you

Episode 40: Autopilot

Episode 39: Are you distracting yourself from your inner knowing?

Episode 38: Where limiting beliefs come from

Episode 37: What happens when you try to fix or change yourself

Episode 36: Trying to fit in

Episode 35: Are your excuses getting in your way?

Episode 34: A meditation for inner peace

Episode 33: Ever get in your own way? Try this

Episode 32: Procrastination & perfectionism

Episode 31: Are you trying to be normal?

Episode 30: The first step towards inner peace

Episode 29: Are you waiting for permission?

Episode 28: How to reset yourself (in 3 minutes)

Episode 27: Who are you trying to impress?

Episode 26: Inner critic

Episode 25: A simple practice to rise above fear

Episode 24: 5 ways to deal with fear

Episode 23: 5 signs you’re stalling out of fear

Episode 22: Procrastination & the path forward

Episode 21: How to do the thing that scares you (that you’ve been avoiding)

Episode 20: Emotional clutter

Episode 19: Inner resistance

Episode 18: The end of worry

Episode 17: What we can all learn from Kate Spade

Episode 16: Signs from the universe

Episode 15: How to accept compliments (even when you don’t believe them)

Episode 14: Procrastination & pre-requisites

Episode 13: How to get out of your head

Episode 12: Worry

Episode 11: Automatic patterns

Episode 10: The voice inside your head

Episode 9: The dangers of self-definition

Episode 8: The real point of meditation

Episode 7: What image are you trying to project?

Episode 6: The fear of missing out (aka fomo)

Episode 5: “I can’t do that. I’m not that kind of person.”

Episode 4: Confidence myths

Episode 3: The compulsion to compare

Episode 2: Fear of judgment

Episode 1: Welcome to Pure Light