Meditation doesn’t have to suck.

Experience the Magic of Meditation

An online course to help you develop the habit & deepen your practice


This is for you if you:

  • Are new to meditation or find it difficult (it’s so much harder than you expected it to be!)
  • Aren’t getting the results you want so you find it hard to stick with it
  • Have a busy/analytical mind and want to calm it down without driving yourself crazy
  • Want to meditate and need some help getting into the habit


You know meditation’s good for you – in theory. But every time you try to do it, it doesn’t seem to work.

You find yourself wondering:

“Shouldn’t I be getting better at this by now?”

“Is this a complete waste of time? I could be crossing things off my to-do list!”

“Man, I really suck at this. Why isn’t it working for me??”

It’s frustrating.

It feels unproductive.

And it makes you want to give up.

I know how challenging it can be . . . and what to do about it.

My name is Aili Kuutan and I’ve been right there with you.

namasteIn fact, I avoided meditation for a decade because it made me so uncomfortable. It felt like I was getting nowhere, and like I was the only one who didn’t get it.

I was convinced that I would never become a meditator. I didn’t even think that I wanted to be.

But all of that changed completely when I realized I was approaching it the wrong way. It was the ideas I had about meditation that were making it so hard . . . and the types of meditations I was trying to do didn’t help either!

It made me wish that someone had explained a few things to me when I first started. Because after I started to approach it differently, it totally transformed my experience of life.


What if:

… meditation didn’t have to be so frustrating?

… it could feel like you’re accomplishing something?

… you could experience the calm and clarity you’re craving?


Even if you have a busy mind, meditation can be a rewarding experience.

With the right practices and perspectives, meditation can be something you truly enjoy and look forward to.

Plus you’ll become more focused, resilient and present in every moment of your life.

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Getting less stressed out about the little things (and the big things)
  • Feeling more connected to the people who matter most because you’re actually paying attention when you’re together
  • Getting more stuff done because you’re less distracted and more focused

That’s the magic of meditation.

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