Ever find yourself stalling on your dreams?

Stop waiting.

Do the thing that scares you (and stop letting your excuses get in your way) with Become your bravest self.

The truth is, you’re a brave soul.

(It’s just that sometimes the noise in your head gets in the way.)

Hi! My name’s Aili Kuutan.

A lot of people get stuck because of fear . . . and then hate themselves for it.

I know what it feels like to constantly blame yourself for not being further ahead.

I also know that all it takes to transform something from terrifying into thrilling is a simple shift in perspective.

That’s why I created Become your bravest self.

I want to live in a world where we aren’t held back by our fears.

I’m a coach, mentor coach, and Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher (with a degree in Engineering).

Become your bravest self will give you the tools you need to free yourself from the voice of self-doubt.

“I’ve learned that I don’t have to listen to my inner voice of self-doubt. It is not the truth!”


Become your bravest self includes:

  • A PDF workbook with a template and full instructions (plus an example in case you need a visual)
  • An audio recording so that you can easily be guided through five simple steps to get out of your own way

Experience what life is like when you get out of your own way

Rise above your fears in five simple steps with Become your bravest self.