Episode 52: The gifts of failure

When you experience failure, does it feel like the end of the world?

It can be a portal to a new beginning.


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“And so I can tell you that it is out of this space that real genuine communication with other people starts to happen, because it’s a very unguarded, wide-open space where when you look out your eyes–unless you are getting into the blaming yourself or blaming others–you can go beyond the blame and just feel the bleedingness of it, the raw-meat quality of it.

You can’t describe it, but I bet everybody knows what I am talking about. And so in that space, communication with others and all of life happens, and my experience is that it’s from that space that our best part of ourselves comes out. It’s in that space–when we aren’t masking ourselves or trying to make circumstances go away–that our best qualities begin to shine.”

–Pema Chödrön, fail fail again fail better

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