Getting started

I’ve been meaning to start writing regularly for awhile now.  (You may have noticed my failure to do so.  It’s been four months since my last update.)

When I created this site, I had the best intentions.  I’ll post something at least once a week, I thought.  Maybe even twice!  I won’t be one of those people who builds a site brimming with possibility and then disappears into the abyss of the online world…

…and then I did exactly that.

It’s funny what happens when you actually decide that you’re committed to doing something.  Excuses drop off.  You find the time, the energy, the resources you need.  You realize that all those things you thought were getting in your way really aren’t, and that it’s been you all along — that you just didn’t want it badly enough — as you finally face the uncertainty inherent in trying something new.

A friend was recently visiting town.  We met in a part of the city I’m not familiar with and decided to grab lunch.

“Why don’t we go this way?” he asked.

“I have no idea what there is that way,” I answered, unsure of what we may find.

“Me neither.  You ok with that?”


“Me too.  Let’s go.”

Baby steps.

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