Connecting heart-to-heart

I’m still not used to being myself.

Last night I had a tough conversation with someone I love. I had to tell him something that he didn’t want to hear, that I didn’t want to say. (The kind of thing you wish would go away.)

It came from realizing my truth, from getting clear on my needs, from listening to my heart.

The old me would’ve never done this. She’d have swallowed her tears, pretended everything’s ok, upheld her emotional facade . . . and totally wimped out on the conversation.

But now, she’s gone, so I had to speak up.

My words were messy. Teary. Painful yet necessary.

And received with love. Wonderfully. Thankfully. Beautifully.

Choosing to be vulnerable creates the possibility of connecting heart-to-heart.

You have it in you. Let it out. Open up.

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