Why you’re here

What is the purpose of life?

It’s hard to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, especially when you’re already an adult.  It’s a lot easier to keep yourself busy and pretend that the urgent stuff is what’s really important.  (It’s not.)

Life’s biggest question is more about searching for answers.  I find that the more comfortable I can be with not knowing, the deeper I appreciate it all.

I believe the purpose of life is about living – like really, truly, feeling alive.

It’s about expanding your experience of life:

Opening up.  Finding new possibilities.
Allowing your future to be independent of your past.
Wanting what you want.  Admitting what’s not working.
Letting go of whatever’s holding you back.
Changing your life.  Trying something new.
Taking action, not knowing how it’s all going to work out.
Committing to keep going, until you figure it out.
Experimenting.  Failing.  Succeeding.  Doing the impossible.
Learning.  Growing.  Experiencing.  Enjoying it all.
Connecting with others, and with your self.
Following your heart.  Finding your passion.  Unleashing your creativity.
Contributing something meaningful.
Changing the world, starting with yourself.

It’s ultimately about being the fullest expression of you and giving yourself the freedom to really live.

Simple?  Yes.

Easy?  No.

Worthwhile?  I have no doubt.

Your story’s still unfolding, and it’s yours to define.

This is my journey.  Come along for the ride.