A meditation to help release worry & anxiety

What can you do to turn things around when you’re bracing for the worst or seeing everything in a negative light?

To be honest, I used to believe that the answer was nothing . . . which meant that I was completely powerless to do anything about it.

It was only when I started meditating by accident a number of years ago that I realized I could be proactive about managing what happens in my mind.

Meditation allows us to become aware of our thoughts, which then enables us to choose whether or not we want to entertain them or believe them.

There’s one Kundalini meditation that I love in particular to release worry and anxiety because it allows us to invite the negative thoughts in and then release them.

Imagine that for a second: Welcoming negative thoughts, instead of trying to fight them. And letting them go, instead of hanging onto them or letting them linger.

It’s like doing inner housekeeping to clear out whatever thoughts aren’t serving us and make room for thoughts that are.

(Side note: Negative thoughts aren’t all bad. Sometimes they’re a useful form of protection or a warning sign. Discernment is key.)

This practice is called Meditation for the Negative Mind. Here’s a brief intro to the practice and guided instructions with a demo that you can follow along:

This video is from my course, Experience the Magic of Meditation. If you’re interested in more meditations and guidance on how to get into the habit, check it out.

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