A love letter to all the single ones

Dear One,

It’s Valentine’s Day. Which means that, if you’re single, you might be questioning why you’re single.

You might be doubting whether you should’ve ended that relationship, second-guessing that decision, asking yourself, What if you’ve missed your chance?

You could be thinking about how you thought your life would unfold, wondering why things haven’t turned out as planned, trying to figure out what went wrong: Why aren’t you married by now? What’s wrong with you???

There’s a good chance that you have answers to these questions. Answers that make you feel like shit about yourself.

But there’s no need to believe the things your mind comes up with to rationalize the reason you’re still single.

Here’s what I want you to know (today, and every day):

You don’t have to believe your thoughts.

If what you want hasn’t yet come to be, it’s because the universe has something better in mind.

Your are not defined by your relationship status. Your relationship status isn’t an indicator of your level of success in life.

Your worthiness isn’t determined by whether or not someone else loves you; it’s determined by whether or not you love you.

And that, my dear, is something that’s totally up to you – and something you can find by looking within.

Take a deep breath. Everything’s gonna be ok.

❤ Aili

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