Confident, happy & free

That’s how you were meant to be.


Even if you aren’t feeling it… yet.

Break free from the rules inside your head.

By rules, I mean those thoughts that keep you stuck, like:

“You can’t do that. That’s crazy!”

“You shouldn’t be eating that!”

“But what will people think?”

My name is Aili (pronounced “eye-lee”).

Using coaching and yoga/meditation techniques, I can help you stop overthinking… and start doing stuff you’ve never done before.

Stuff like:

  • Finding work that fuels your soul, instead of sucking the life out of you
  • Defining a new relationship with food (one that isn’t obsessive)
  • Finally finishing that book or screenplay, or starting that business
  • Being proud yourself—not only because of what you’ve accomplished, but because of who you are

Sound like something you want?

See everything in a new light.

Listen to the latest episode of my podcast, Pure Light: