Change your mind, change your life

I have to admit, when I first heard of the idea that ‘your thoughts shape your reality,’ it seemed a little crazy to me.

I remember wondering, How could that possibly be? Thoughts were just ideas in my head, and reality was… well, reality. It seemed like something that was pretty obvious to me, as well as anyone else on the planet.

But now that I’ve learned to meditate and explore the depths of my mind, I’ve realized that there is truth to this concept. Here’s how changing your mind can change your life:

Bonus: Leo Babauta just wrote about how the mind can prevent change. His post includes an extensive list of excuses that may be limiting what you believe is possible for your life. Check it out to see if any of them sound familiar. It’s a great opportunity to identify what limiting beliefs you might want to explore:
The Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes