What to do when the advice ‘follow your passion’ stresses you out

Back when I was in the corporate world, the advice ‘follow your passion’ would strrr-e-s-s me out.

Working in that environment, I didn’t feel like a passionate person. The advice, though well-intended, made me feel like I should do something crazy and irresponsible. Like quit my job and drop everything and figure out my life purpose and start living it. Right now.

Even the concept of ‘life purpose‘ felt totally overwhelming, like I was a failure as a human being, like my only choices were to settle, or jump off the proverbial cliff.

We all want our lives to be meaningful. To make a difference. To leave the world a better place.

So I thought I’d share my perspective on this in case you’re feeling the pressure. Here’s how you can incorporate the advice ‘follow your passion’ into your life, without freaking out: