Thoughts on chocolate and inner peace

“No. I can’t. I shouldn’t. I mean—”

“But you’ve been so good this week! Come on, just do it. Everyone else is having some.”

“But it’ll ruin my diet! And I’ve been working hard for weeks… I’m almost skinny now.”

“But it tastes soooo good! Are you really gonna deprive yourself? Fuck your diet. C’mon, you’re drooling already. It’s just one little piece.”

“Hmmm… The pieces are pretty small… One piece probably won’t make a big difference…”

“Do it! Do it! Do it!”

“Umm… Well, maybe…”

“Do it!! Do it!! Do it!!”

“Well, I have been really good this week… That’s worth something, I think. I deserve a treat, right?”

“Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!!”

“Fuck it, I’m just gonna have some.”


And then the floodgate opens.

Sound familiar? Here are my thoughts on chocolate and inner peace: